Overwhelming response to Toomey's call for supplies to aid Mississippi tornado victims (NBC 15 News)

Sister Cecilia of The Little Sisters of the Poor came by Toomey's Mardi Gras store to deliver... a carton of eggs?

Actually, instead of eggs, there was Easter candy in the carton she handed to store owner Stephen Toomey.

"It's the message that counts. You're a good egg!" she proclaimed.

That would be hard to argue.

Last week, Stephen Toomey secured a tractor trailer from Wright Transportation and began accepting donations of supplies for those who survived a deadly tornado in Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

The response?

"Overwhelming!" he says, enthusiastically. "You never know. You know what I mean? You hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but it was better than what I'd hoped for."

What he'd hoped for was enough donations to fill the 54-foot-long trailer. And not just stuff, but essentials... from nonperishable food and water, to cleaning supplies, grills and charcoal. Steve's staff is wrapping up pallets filled with the stuff, and loading them into the trailer.

"There's probably 30 pallets back there now,” he says, “so that's probably going to fill that truck."

All of these goods represent a lot of money, and a lot of compassion for the people of Mississippi. But some of you might not be able to afford to donate or give supplies.

Sister Cecilia says there is something you can give, and that is your time."

"If people can look at this terrible thing that has happened and not respond in some way, then we need to pray for them, because if your heart can't go out... even if you can’t afford to give anything, at least give, you know, lift your heart up in prayer. And go and do some volunteer work, help load the truck, or do something like that. "

Because of off-loading logistics in the tornado-stricken area, the truck's departure has been delayed until late Tuesday morning.

So if you can donate, there' still time. Because-

"We're not going to turn away any donations,” says Stephen, “because beggars can't be choosy!"

Just what you'd expect from a good egg.