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Moon Pies

Toomey's Mardi Gras and Chattanooga Bakery Moon Pies have become a part of Mardi Gras for many years now. Throwing of Moon Pies is a tradition that is unique to Mobile. The first group to throw these treats were the Maids of Mirth who threw them after Crackerjacks were banned (the sharp corners of the box was a safety concern). We offer the traditional size Chattanooga Bakery Moon Pies along with a smaller bite size Moon Pie ideal for tossing off a float.

So what makes the Moon Pie so special? Well, the story goes like this: In the early 1900s, while servicing his territory of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, baked goods businessman Earl Mitchell, Sr. visited a company store in Chattanooga that catered to coal miners. He asked them what they might enjoy as a snack. The miners said they wanted something for their lunch pails. It had to be solid and filling.

"About how big?" Mr. Mitchell asked. A miner held out his hands, framing the moon that was rising, and said "About that big!"

So, with that in mind, Mr. Mitchell headed back to the bakery with an idea. Upon his return, he noticed some of the workers dipping graham cookies into marshmallow and laying them on the windowsill to harden. So Mr. Mitchell added another cookie and a generous coating of chocolate and sent the confection back to the workers to try. In fact, he sent Moon Pies out with his other salespeople, too. The response they received was so enormous that the Moon Pie became a regular item for the Chattanooga Bakery.

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