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Mardi Gras Krewe Favors

Shop Mardi Gras Krewe Favors, come in customary yellow, green and gold colors of Mardi Gras, including, fleur de lis designs, mask designs and more.

Toomey's is the one stop shop for all of your Mardi Gras Krewe favors. Did you know that Krewe social organizations date back to the 1850's? Tradition is the keyword and that's the type of quality and variety you will find with Toomey's Krewe favors. The selection of course comes in the customary yellow, green and purple colors of Mardi Gras.

There is a wide variety of ceramics from which to choose. Decorative plates, serving platters and bowls are just some of the types of ceramics you can expect to find. From the fleur de lis to the simple designs, you are certain to find just the one for your serving needs. The plates and platters are so unique and highly designed that you might decide just to use them for decoration instead of food service. Picture frames are always a good idea for party favors and these are sure to please everyone. There are even ceramic plates that resemble Mardi Gras masks!

What party would be complete without masks? Be sure to check out the wide variety of Mardi Gras masks available as Krewe favors. If you want to find something affordable and unique, Toomey's is where you want to be.

If you really want to impress your party guests, don't forget the ornaments! Mardi Gras ornaments are not just for Christmas, because they make not only great Krewe favors but fantastic gifts any time of the year. The artisans have crafted exquisite pieces such as the glitter dragonflies and butterflies. The paper ornaments, like the gold Firenze, elicit nostalgia for days gone by. From retro to classic, there is a design to fit every personality.