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Mardi Gras Trinkets

Mardi Gras Trinkets Provide Colorful Party Rewards

No Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without an array of Mardi Gras trinkets. The trinkets thrown from parade floats during the Carnival celebration prior to Lent by masked revelers may be inexpensive but their history within the Mardi Gras celebration is certainly rich. Everyone enjoys having some memento of a good time and Mardi Gras Trinkets provide a host of memories of very good times in New Orleans.

The tradition of tossing out "throws" to the crowds lining parade routes traces its roots to the roaring twenties. Necklaces originally made of colorful glass beads were among the first goodies to be coveted as Mardi Gras trinkets, with figurines, frisbees, plastic cups, toys and coins called doubloons stamped with logos of specific krewes and parade themes eventually added to the line-up of Mardi Gras goodies.

Today the beaded necklaces are made of plastic rather than glass, and many have become very ornate, including blinking lights or featuring beads that glow in the dark. The plastic beads and the doubloons, first given out during the 1960s, are among the top two coveted Mardi Gras treasures. Some krewes try to outdo the competition by handing out very unique trinkets, such as hand-painted coconuts, which for safety's sake are bagged and handed to parade goers rather than randomly tossed out into the crowds.

Parade goers enjoy a friendly competition to see who can acquire the biggest bag of goodies by shouting out "throw me something mister" to the ornately masked men and women riding the parade floats.

Mardi Gras trinkets or "throws" may have originally been meant to throw away after the party, but most Mardi Gras participants today save them to enjoy as keepsakes reminding them the rest of the year to let the good times roll.

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