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Blue Throw Beads

Blue throw beads

When your event calls for something blue, think about the wide variety of blue throw beads offered by Toomeyâ??s. Be it for a baby shower or a patriotic affair, the added dazzle of beads around the necks of your guests can make your event really sparkle. Match the theme of your party or parade float with a selection of fun beads to share with the participants. Your guests will have a reminder of their wonderful time to take home with them afterward.
A clear glass bowl filled with strings of throw beads can be a stunning and simple base for displaying awards or to showcase any item. What better way to display a newly-won trophy than by placing it amidst a sea of beads in the team colors? These beads are limited only by the power of your creativity. Add sparkle to holiday window displays with throw beads, hanging beads can mimic icicles for a wintery scene. Bulletin boards can use a little dazzle to gain attention, pinning up several strands of throw beads in a swag type arrangement can emphasize your message.
The colorful and durable nature of these bead strands makes them great for craft uses as well. Offered in colors and styles not found in the craft shop trim department, throw beads can be used as a unique craft decoration. Make a special photo frame to commemorate your event by gluing some leftover beds around the edge of an inexpensive frame. Creating frames rimmed in the beads thrown from your float would be a lovely thank-you gift for the krewe, sure to be fondly remembered for years to come.
As the worldâ??s largest supplier of Mardi Gras throw beads, Toomeyâ??s has spent over twenty five years perfecting their selection. The high quality throw beads available from Toomeyâ??s feature smaller spaces between beads to prevent tangling. The variety of sizes and styles will amaze, while the service will astound.

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