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Mardi Gras Accessories

Mardi Gras Accessories

Toomey's Mardi Gras Accessories selection is a large and varied category of many top Mardi Gras items. No party, parade or costume would be complete without the right Mardi Gras Accessories. The varied selection means there is something here for everyone. Toomey's selects the best Mardi Gras Accessories and offers them at an affordable price in order to make your celebration even better!

Choose from purple pantyhose, note cards, serving platters and picture frames. Use the feathers, scepters, hair clips and gloves to jazz up a Mardi Gras costume and be a hit at the party. The party is easily planned with a wide selection of decorating items like table fringe, shot glasses and beer mugs. Round out the party accessories with Mardi Gras serving platters, dinner plates, hurricane glasses and beaded curtains.

Toomey's has accessories for the Mardi Gras parade-goer as well. Grab one of our tote bags to carry your throw beads, and don't forget to get a rain poncho just in case it pours! Throw in a drink hugger and a pair of Toomey's Mardi Gras sunglasses in your bag and your ready to go! Scarves, beaded purses and earrings are all here in the Mardi Gras Accessories section to compliment any parade-goer's outfit! And don't forget your pooch! Toomey's has light up dog leashes so Fido is Mardi Gras ready as well!

Finally, add some giveaways to your Mardi Gras arsenal such as a box of purple roses, garters and 50 yd rolls of beads. Everyone loves getting the giveaways at Mardi Gras! Toomey's loves Mardi Gras and provides a wide selection of accessories at an affordable price, and has been doing so for 25 years. There is something for everyone here in Mardi Gras Accessories.

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