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Christmas Beads

Christmas Beads

Are you looking to add some extra festive flair to your Christmas Beads? Toomey's has a great selection of the most dazzling Christmas Beads so you can show off your holiday spirit in style!

Dress up your Christmas tree, your home banisters, your stair railing, wherever you want, with traditional Christmas Beads that are 33-inch strands in colors of red, green, gold and silver. Flaunt your holiday cheer by wearing strands of Christmas Beads around your neck. We also have adorable beads of favorite Christmas icons like Santa Claus and Rudolf the Reindeer. Always a favorite at Toomey's, our Christmas Tree Beads come in 42-inch strands decorated with 12mm little red or green Christmas trees.

At Toomey's we also offer lovely 33-inch strands of white beads that are perfect for Christmas, but are also great for almost any occasion. The strands are ordained with 7mm pearl-like beads and are a splendid gift when you can't help wearing them yourself! White is always a simple and classy color for your collection of Christmas beads. These pearl white beads embody the holiday with their traditional color that is so symbolic of a snowy winter and the beloved White Christmas.

Using Christmas Beads is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate for the season. And the beads can be also be used for a family holiday craft project. Get friends and family together to make necklaces using their favorite beads. Throw a Christmas party and give out Christmas Beads as a super cool party favor for your guests!

Whether you are looking to decorate a work place, a home, or simply yourself with our fantastic selection of the best Christmas beads, you'll find exactly what you need in our inventory. Browse through and view our variety of Christmas beads to choose from and spread your holiday cheer with Toomey's Christmas beads!

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