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Tips To Make Your Halloween Party Extra Spooky

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Halloween is almost upon us and it seems like everyone does the same old decorations and food every single year. Do you need fresh, new ideas to make your Halloween party extra spooky this year?

One tip that can set your party apart from others is using a space in your home that many don’t try to decorate. Your ceiling! It’s a blank canvas that can be transformed and add a touch of extra spookiness to your Halloween part. Have you ever tried hanging plain black witches’ hats from your ceiling? It’s so easy to do and light on your wallet. All you have to do is take clear fishing line, thread it through your black witch’s hat, then tape it to your ceiling. To make this decoration stand out even more you could have battery operated lights glued on the inside of the hat to make it seem illuminated.

The best thing about a dark Halloween night is all the spooky things that can come out in the darkness. Instead of dimming your lights or just having plain, florescent lighting in your home, why not switch them out for a night to either purple or orange. This will make your home dark and eerie to better set the tone and atmosphere.

Getting creative with your food can be fun and eye-catching for your party guests. You could try to make your dinner into a carnivorous feast like they’ve never experienced before. Try making everything into “Finger Food.”  You can turn the simplest of food into a body part that will make everyone wonder how you did it! Even your punch bowl could be made into a spooky display. Fill a glove with water and let it freeze. Then cut the glove away and now you have an icy handprint inside your punch to keep it cold while making it look interesting.

The greatest and most creative ideas that can come from planning a party are to really pay attention to the small details. It can take just one small thing to make a party better than ever. When you are looking for the ultimate party supplies, visit Toomey’s Mardi Gras here in Mobile, Alabama. We have a huge inventory of festive items that suit any occasion. Call us at 877-450-5077 and let us help you get the party started!

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