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Photo Booth Props

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Photo Booth Props

Mardi Gras masks. Nothing makes a better prop in a photo booth than a mask. Mardi Gras masks come in lots of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Everyone in your group will stand out with his or her own unique mask. Bring all the styles together and smile at the camera! (These are also inexpensive enough for everyone to have their own and take home as a party favor!)

Designer party hats. Top off your group photo with stylish hats that you can wear for almost any occasion. Jester hats always make a statement, while top hats give you a more distinctive look. Are you going for a Latin theme? Then try on a black and red Spanish hat. You can also try mini hats! Mini hats are just how they sound – small hats attached to headbands. They come in a variety of styles and will definitely be a fun addition to your photo booth.

Jewelry anyone?  Next time you and your group jump in the photo booth, adorn yourselves with bold, festive jewelry. Ribbon necklaces, purple and gold crowns, doubloon bracelets, and heart-shaped boxes will augment your entire prop ensemble. Try on some silver disc comedy/tragedy earrings. The bigger the better!

Vivacious Apparel. Go the distance with full-body apparel to optimize your photo booth experience. You can start with large fluffy feathers and then move onto full-figured boas that come in almost every color imaginable. From there you can move on to patterned scarves, big-stripe ties, and poplar tie-dye kits.

Sporty T-shirts. If you’re going for a more uniform look in your group, then try t-shirts. Mobile Mardi Gras shirts will help you and your group show your city pride as well as foster unity in your group. You can get your Mardi Gras t-shirts in short-sleeve or long-sleeve and classic purple and gold colors.

Lots of Beads. You and your group can drown yourself in decorative beads in every color imaginable. Big beads offer tons of fun with a gaudy twist. Smaller beads can be mixed or matched to complete your entire clothing design. You can purchase your favorite beads directly from the store or custom order them online.

Last update: Aug 24, 2017


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