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Party Supplies to Make Your Summer Shindig Excellent

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Confetti Poppers

Whoever said that confetti is just a ‘New Year’s Eve’ thing only got out of the house once a year. Confetti creates energy in any room, and everyone loves throwing it. Thanks to confetti poppers, you now have a built in canon for that added boost.


Some of the most popular food items at parties are cookies, candy, peanuts and popcorn. If you’re throwing a Mardi Gras themed party in the summer (we won’t judge you), then you won’t want to forget the Moon Pies! 

Party Hats

Top off your party with a designer hat that accents your style and individuality. Jester hats are always fun. Witch hats, fedoras, derby hats, pilgrim hats – which one is your favorite? Not to mention these make fantastic photo booth accessories.

Mardi Gras Music

If someone isn’t yelling “Turn it up!!” then it’s not a party. And there’s no better party music than Mardi Gras music. Grab a CD collection of your favorite New Orleans (Or Mobile, AL since that’s where Mardi Gras originated) tunes, stick it in the player, and watch everybody’s eyes light up the minute the first trumpet hits.

Sports Beads

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, end of the sports season, or the Super Bowl, you’re sure to liven up the party by pulling out the sports beads. They’re perfect for a major sporting event. You can get football, basketball, baseball, and racecar beads! May the best team win!


Few things are as symbolic as flags. You see them at sports events, Mardi Gras parades, parties, holidays, and, of course, patriotic events. Flags show support and fandom, and they create tons of united energy.

Bright Feathers

Are you looking for that added décor or costume piece that puts the finishing touches on your entire design? Look no further than bright colorful feathers. Blue, red, or yellow feathers are eye-popping features for any event or item. 

Jewelry, Jewelry, and More Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, what’ll it be? Bead necklaces? Fashionable bracelets? Brooches, pins & earrings? Or what about a regal tiara? There are numerous jewelry options for you to choose from. So go ahead, decorate yourself while making a bold statement! 

What About a Costume Party

Everyone loves a costume party. Costumes allow adults to act like children and play ‘dress up’ for an evening while out with friends. With costumes, you can be anyone or anything for a night. The only question is, “What will you wear?”

Come Party With Toomey’s

If you’re looking for the perfect, hat, costume, jewelry, or beads then let us help you put it all together at Toomey’s Mardi Gras. We carry a huge selection of unique party favors, party supplies and holiday goodies. Still have questions? Call us at 877.450.5077. Party on!! 

Last update: May 25, 2017


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