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How To Choose Your Last Minute Christmas Beads and New Years Throws

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Are you riding in an upcoming Christmas parade or New Year's parade?

Here's some last minute parade throw ideas.

If you're looking to have the crowds screaming and waving their hands for your throws, then this will be the most important thing you'll read today.  

Christmas Beads, Necklaces and Beads in Bulk

Let's face it.

It's not a parade without Mardi Gras beads. Beads and necklaces are the classic Mardi Gras throw. This includes Christmas and New Year's parades.

At Toomey's you'll discover beads in all colors, sizes, and lengths.

For Christmas and the Holiday season, we suggest starting with these 3 styles:

Red, Gold, Green – The perfect holiday color combination. During Christmas, these are a popular throw.


Purple, Gold, and Green – Traditional Mardi Gras colors. Fun to throw. Fun to catch. In every toss you'll be spreading a little bit of tradition.

Assorted Colors – There's something for everyone in this bulk box of beads. 

Of course, you'll find hundreds of styles of beads and necklaces here at Toomey's. Click the link below to view them all.

All Beads and Necklaces Click HereNow To View Them

Christmas Throws - Rubber toys, Squeaky toys, and Light uptoys

You'll find a huge assortment of toys that make perfect holiday throws.

Rubber balls. Squeaky toys. Light up trinkets. Light up balls.

You'll find footballs in all colors. Emoji balls that light up. Emoji balls that squeak.

You'll find foam rockets and alligator clappers. Rubber snakes and plastic animals.

If you can remember being a kid in a toy store, then that's what you'll feel like choosing your Mardi Gras throw toys from Toomey's.

All of the toys are available at the retail store or you can view the link below to see the toys on this website.

Toys and Other ThrowsClick Here Now To View Them

Christmas Throws - Stuffed Animals

Our Mardi Gras Stuffed Animals and Mardi Gras Trinkets come in shapes, sizes, and colors.

Mix up your throws with plush animals and toys. You'll have the crowd screaming.

Or you can hold up the oversized stuffed animals and put it on display. You'll see the crowd erupt into a frenzy as all eyes turn towards you.

Stuffed animals make terrific parade throws.

All Stuffed AnimalsClick Here Now To View Them

Christmas Throws - Light Up Trinkets

Light up trinkets are our new best seller.

They're a relatively new Mardi Gras throw and they're gaining in popularity.

The parade riders love them and the crowd loves them too.

At Toomey's you'll find many choices from light up plastic sticks to swivel wands. If you want to combine light-up with throwables, then you can choose from light up footballs and light up squeaky balls.

Light up toys are becoming one of our best sellers at Toomey's and you'll find a huge collection to choose from at great prices.


Light Up TrinketsClick Here Now ToView Them

Candy and Moonpies

What's the 2nd most popular throw during Mardi Gras?

It's simple. Candy and moonpies.

If you want to see the crowd scream, then hold up a handful of candy.

If you want to see the crowd scramble, then toss the candy into the air.

The crowd will drop down to the ground and pick up every last piece you threw.


Here's the link for all candy and moonpies.

All Candy and MoonpiesClick HereNow To View Them

About Shipping Your Mardi Gras Throws

Choosing your Mardi Gras throws is your first step.

Next, how do you get them delivered to your door?

At Toomey's Mardi Gras we offer you many delivery options.

Toomey's Mardi Gras ships via United Parcel Service, which delivers Monday through Friday (holidays excluded). In addition to Standard Ground service, our customers can choose from among the following express delivery options, Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Select.

No matter when you need your Mardi Gras throws there's an option for you and we'll get them to you fast!

We look forward to serving you for all your Christmas and New Year's throws!

Welcome to our Mardi Gras family!

Click to start at the Toomey's Home Page to start shopping! 

Last update: Dec 08, 2017


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