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There’s no sure-fire way to excite a group of women faster than to mention a baby shower. The prospect of little booties and pastel blankets can make most women’s hearts skip a beat. This is a big moment in a mommy’s life and should be treated as such. Use these tips for throwing an amazing summer baby shower from Toomey’s to give your expecting friend an afternoon to remember:


· Know Your Mommy

o If the expecting mom isn’t about ruffles and frou-frou then don’t force them upon her. The child is going to reflect the style of the parents so your shower should as well. All of the following tips should refer back to this one. Do everything with the mom in mind because until the baby is actually born, it’s all about her.

· Make it Fun for Adults

o On that same note of the baby not actually being born yet, keep in mind that this party is going to be attended by adults. There will be 18 years following for little kid themed birthday parties, so let this shower reflect the adults that are pregnant and the friends celebrating. Throw something extra in the punch (but keep a virgin cup going for Mommy), have a fun playlist going in the background, plan it at night or at a favorite hangout spot, and let your games reflect the crowd. Which leads to…

· Games Galore

o No one wants to just sit around and talk about morning sickness. Add a few games to keep things lively and flowing. Even if it’s the old standby “take a clothespin for saying the word baby,” it’ll be something that will insert a bit of competition into the day. Just search “baby shower games” on Pinterest and you’ll have more than you can fit into the afternoon.

· Open Gifts There

o It is perfectly acceptable to throw a party where gifts are opened later to save time, or they’re opened in the back by someone else; but as mentioned previously, there’s something eternally endearing about seeing tiny baby sized items. Guests will get a kick out of seeing the clothes and toys they personally selected for the little one and it will be fun if it is done quickly.

· Ask Guest to Bring Diapers

o This is more of a practical thing but so appreciated. No matter what guests might want to bring as a gift or what the mommy has registered for, include a note on the invitation for everyone to bring a pack of diapers with them. The expectant parents will value those more than anything else. One tip is to have a drawing for a grand prize at the end: For each pack of diapers brought to the shower, they get an entry for an adult gift basket at the end! You’ll have diapers for the next couple of years.

· Don’t be Afraid to Invite the Guys

o Don’t abide by the old idea that only the moms take care of the child so therefore they should be the only ones invited to the shower. It’s true moms are the more nurturing of the two, but more dads than ever are staying home to take care of the little ones so it makes sense they’d like to be a part of the planning process. Invite the father and his friends. This is a joyous time for both parents so involve them both. Plus they can always help with setting up and taking down the decorations!

· Sherbet!

o It’s summer so it’s hot which is a great excuse for sherbet. It’s not quite the milky consistency of ice cream so it’s more bearable during the heat. It’ll be a great way to cool off, take advantage of the summer days and the color will blend in with the rest of the decorations.


As long as you have friends, food, and fun you’re guaranteed to have an amazing baby shower. Use these tips to throw an amazing summer baby shower from Toomey’s though to make sure your party is fun for everyone.  


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