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Animal Beads

Animal Beads

What better time is there for bringing out the playful animal in all of us than a celebration? For Mardi Gras, a birthday party, or just for fun, it doesnâ??t matter where youâ??re goingâ??you can wear these adorable zoo animal beads any time to brighten up any celebration!

Whether you would prefer to channel a regal lion, a unique zebra, a strong elephant, or a cheeky monkey, our animal beads are the perfect additions to your attire when you want to let your inner animal out of its cage! Strung together along a rainbow of shiny red, orange yellow, green, blue, and purple round beads, these four adorable animal beads will have you roaring in excitement. Our animal beads are also available on a string of rainbow beads with panda, giraffe, elephant, and zebra beads, so you have more zoo animals to choose from when you want to get out and roar!

And if you already have the zoo animal beads and want to add an individual animal to your bead collection, we have plenty more to choose from. Strung with beads of various colors, some of our many animal beads include yellow rubber ducks, black and white cows, starfish, alligators, lions, dogs, hippos, king kitty, bumblebees, brown horses, parrots, penguins, Dalmatians, elephant heads, rubber chickens, and even flying pig heads. We have wacky animal beads and cute animal beads, no matter what you prefer.

Other Mardi Gras revelers will be jealous and want to trade you their boring beads for these delightful animal beadsâ??theyâ??re so playful and unique that thereâ??s nothing else like them. Our animal beads are also a great addition to any party, as they make fun party favors that everyone will enjoy long after the celebration is over. Children and adults alike will all want to wear a pair of these bright animal beads, so be sure to order them today, and tell your inner animal to come out and play!

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