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33" Throw Beads

At Mardi Gras, you'll see a lot of people wearing many strands of colorful plastic beads - these are "Throw Beads", the beads you often see people wearing in large quantities if you've ever seen Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans - cheaper beads in pre-manufactured strands of varying colors and lengths. It's a Mardi Gras tradition for krewes on the parade floats to throw strands of beads to the watching crowd, who very competitively try to catch as many strands as they can for the duration of the festivities. They are cheaper than hand strung beads and come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and pre-cut lengths. They are sold by the bag of 12 dozen, or case of 60 dozen for many different uses, whether you need them for a parade float or as decoration or party favors. This section contains Toomey's huge selection of 33" lengths of Throw Beads, ranging from traditional Mardi Gras colors to glow in the dark, there are colors available for any theme. There are a variety of shapes as well, from fish to football helmets, to a large selection of St. Patrick's Day themed beads; there is something right for any theme party or float. 33" is a practical length for safe wearing, but also long enough to use for decoration without looking skimpy. Longer strands can be difficult for wearing, especially for children, where you might have some safety considerations as well. Browse through the following pages for Toomey's complete catalog of 33" Throw Beads in every shape and style. 33" Throw Beads are also sold in mixed packages if you want a variety of colors, look in the Bead Mixes section of the site.

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